and a project i worked on has been turned into a lego model …. life’s work is complete …. time to retire


phonograph in wagon_MS walk banner


The support towards this cause has been amazing thus far.  It is greatly appreciated!!!!

hk windows

haven’t printed in forever …. like 9 months forever …. decided to print a picture from my trip to hong kong … its a little darker than i wanted but that doesnt really bother me ….

anyways …..the stats …. 16×16 image on 18×24 paper (if i even trim it down from 19×25) …. run of 10






run: 11

size: 18×24

i really like how the screen turned out…. i think i like it more than the actually prints that came from it …. maybe in the future i will do an inverted version of the print …

and i have returned after 5 months away from the printing world;  i guess that happens when the weather is nice and there isnt a need to stay inside on the weekends …. to get back into the game, i decided to print an image that i came up with 2 years ago based on the game the oregon trail …

size: 18×24

run: 10

well i just got a much needed piece of printing equipment …. a rotary paper cutter ….

now that i have one, i was able to trim my last batch of prints … i think there are 10 different versions of the print …  there are pictures almost all of them below….

the 5th and final screen (the above image only used 4 of the 5 screens) ….. now someone has to trim 30 prints … my vote is for not me … which means they go to the flatfile untrimmed probably forever …. hahha

final image size: 10″ x 22″; intended final paper size: 12″x24″ ….

and woo for my 200th post… with over 2700 total views in 3 years!

cyan + black

cyan + yellow + black

magenta + yellow + black

most prints + most colors = most time

still on the fence about doing the 5th and final color …. time will tell if i am motivated to do it or if i am content enough with the prints as they stand now

shy of an archive


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